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Reporting wrong results

The Ntropy API contains an endpoint to report incorrect values from the enrichment process. Values reported through this endpoint are part of the feedback loop that continuously improves our models and results.

Reporting a wrongly enriched transaction

If you find out that a transaction has been incorrectly labeled or a wrong merchant has been identified, you may submit that transaction for our review through the /v2/report endpoint or the method with its respective transaction_id field:

$ curl \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data '{
"transaction_id": "ybx8YP14g565Xketw3t9x3tbj9mD8DB4fM8DDY6Y",
"merchant": "Other Merchant",
"website": "",
"notes": "some additional notes about that correction..."
}' \
from ntropy_sdk import SDK, Transaction, EnrichedTransaction

data = {
"transaction_id": "ybx8YP14g565Xketw3t9x3tbj9mD8DB4fM8DDY6Y",

t = EnrichedTransaction(sdk, **data)
merchant="Other Merchant",
notes="some additional notes about that correction..."