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Rate Limits

At Ntropy, we implement a rate-limiting policy based on proportionality to computational cost of each operation and its possible use case. The rate limiting is calculated per API key, independent of the source of the request (i.e., IP).

Transaction enrichment implements a system of credits for rate-limiting. Each transaction deducts one credit from your API key. You can accumulate at most 100,000 credits which are refilled at a rate of 1000/second. Additionally, there is a system to limit the number of concurrent enrichment batches running at any given time. You can have up to 10 concurrent batches. This limit is shared between the sync and async endpoints.

In the following table, we provide the default rate limits for calling each endpoint:

methodendpointrate limit
POST/v2/transactions/sync10 per 1 second
POST/v2/transactions/async20 per 1 second
GET/v2/transactions/async/{id}20 per 1 second
GET/v2/account-holder/{id}30 per 1 second
DELETE/v2/account-holder/{id}1 per 1 second
POST/v2/account-holder/{id}/query1 per 1 second
POST/v2/account-holder/{id}/income10 per 1 second
POST/v2/account-holder/{id}/recurring-payments10 per 1 second
GET/v2/rules/10 per 1 second
POST/v2/rules/10 per 1 second
GET/v2/rules/account-holder/{id}10 per 1 second
POST/v2/rules/account-holder/{id}10 per 1 second
POST/v2/report1 per 1 second
POST/v2/labels/hierarchy/{type}1 per 1 second
POST/v2/health10 per 1 second
GET/v2/entities20 per 1 second
GET/v2/entities/{id}20 per 1 second

If you are hitting rate limits of our API with normal workloads, please contact us to increase them for your API key