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Recurring Group Schema

When a transaction is recurrent, the recurrence group contains the calculated information for that transaction and others within the same recurrence group. The schema of the RecurrenceGroup is as follows.

first_payment_datedateDate of the first recurrent group's transaction.
latest_payment_datedateDate of the last recurrent group's transaction.
periodicity_in_daysfloatMedian number of days between consecutive transactions in the recurrent group.
average_amountfloatAverage amount of the recurrent group's transactions.
other_partystringSource/merchant of the recurrent group's transactions.
idstringRecurrent group identifier.
transaction_idslist(string)List of unique transaction identifier of the recurrence group.
total_amountfloatSum of amounts of the recurrent group's transactions.
periodicityenumDetected periodicity (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, yearly, other).